Let Yubo get business for you!

Yubo is not just a chatbot, it is indeed your end-to-end solution for getting leads and business requirements for your sales team.

Bot is well integrated with proven marketing platforms to first search a valid lead for a business and then start talking to the prospect about the business offerings. Business owner can look through the communication between prospect and Yubo to decide the lead quality and approach the prospect for more discussions, if required. A mini CRM within the app helps business owner to keep a track of the newly generated leads.

Yubo is not limited to support one prospect at a time, it can talk with multiple potential customers in parallel.

Yubo gathers important information and requirements from the business lead in a communicative way and can even close the business deal for you before you look at the communication.

One unique feature of Yubo is its wonderful capability of alerting the admin about the chat sessions where it could not understand the user’s intent well and then handing over that chat session control to the admin. Yubo will always know who is the boss!

Excellent Support through Website and App

Give a welcoming, natural and to-the-point conversation experience to your visitors. Yubo can present itself with a business domain specific customized chat along with the most elegant chat frontend to the user.

Yubo’s brain is equipped with deep learning Artificial Intelligence techniques for understanding and processing natural English language. It just wishes to be trained well and start serving you as per your business requirements.

Effectively it never lets your business go offline. With Yubo, your website is not just your business’ global presence, its your business’ global 24X7 presence in all time zones.

Yubo is not just limited to be integrated with your website, it can indeed be excellently integrated with your mobile app and Facebook Page too.

Remain In-charge with user friendly Admin

The backend of Yubo is as user-friendly as you could want it to be. Train and make Yubo intelligent for your business knowledge by working with our dedicated team.

Admin can always see the contact details of the prospect who communicated with Yubo and can also see through the whole communication.

The feature loading doesn’t just stop here. Admin can filter out the hot lead chats, see the chat stats and much more.

Admin can monitor the chat sessions which Yubo is engaged with and can read through the chat. Whenever the admin will feel a need to take over and continue the chat himself, he can do it just by the tap of a button.

Yubo’s seamless integration with Alexa

An interesting Case Study

Yubo was implemented for a live commentary during a cricket tournament. During initial few matches, Yubo acted funny and could just share profile of the cricket players. But as the event progressed, Yubo grew intelligent with the help of players’ stats. An out come of that intelligence was Yubo’s power of prediction about player’s performance during the final match of the series.

See a live demonstration in the video, how Yubo integrates with Alexa to answer questions smartly.

Use Yubo for all of your platforms

Yubo is very adjusting by nature. It can fit well on your webpage, mobile app screen and facebook page. We can give your Yubo a voice too. Talk to Yubo with Amazon’s Echo or Google Home.


Yubo gels up well with every business. Your website and Yubo can together work to get more leads for your business.


Yubo is very adjusting… it fits well on every screen size. Give your web users the same attention on your mobile app.

Google Home

Give a voice to your Yubo. We have solution for your customers who may find talking easier than typing and chatting.


Chatbots are no more a new thing for facebook pages. If you have traffic on your facebook page, let Yubo cater to that.


Check out the video on this page to see how Yubo became friends with Alexa. We make this integration smooth as butter.